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You’ve probably heard of French manicures, and you may even be a fan of the latest social media craze, Russian manicures. But did you know that there’s also an American manicure? 

It’s one of the most innovative ways to approach nail art, and it’s perfect for those who love classic styles but want to try something new. It’s similar to French tips but with a more flattering and easy-to-wear finish, so it’ll look great for any occasion. This option is perfect for women of any age because it’s so versatile. 

Read on to learn more about American manicurism nail art and give it a try yourself!

What is an American Manicure?

What is american manicure

This is a modern take on the classic French manicure, but it’s just as elegant. The key difference is the use of a white hue on the tips that’s less crisp and creates less color contrast with the base color. Then, you paint a sheer natural shade all over the nail, including on the white. It’s a super versatile and undeniably flattering look that you can create with the shape of your nails and your desired length. It’ll look great for any occasion, including formal events, and you can wear it every day. 

American vs French Manicure

American manicure

What’s the difference between a French and an American manicure? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, they both use white nail polish at the tip and a lighter base coat. French manicures use a pink nail polish, while American manicures use a sheer polish to create a more natural look. 

There’s less contrast, so you’ll get a more subtle, more wearable look. You can also go bold with colourful tips. It’s an easy way to add a modern twist to a classic look. If you’re going for a bold look, adding a line of whatever you like to the end is also a great option. French manicures are also considered French manicures if they are completed with sheer nail polish.

How Much is American Manicure?

French manicure

While the American manicure isn’t one of the priciest nail art styles, the cost will depend on the salon you go to and the polish you choose. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$70 for your manicure, but you’ll likely find it’s worth it.

How Long Does an American Manicure Last?

Russian manicure

Your average American manicure lasts about a week with standard polish, but if you go for gel or SNS, you can expect your nails to last for up to three weeks. Of course, you have to think about your daily life and how you take care of your nails, which will also affect how long your nails will last.

What to Get for American Manicure?

What is american manicure

To achieve the American manicure look, there are only a few products you’ll need. You’ll want a white nail polish that will only be used on the tips of your nails. Then, you’ll want to paint a nude or natural color over the entire nail. Finally, you can add a clear top coat to complete the look. Most of the time, you can paint the tip of your nails by hand. However, if you need a bit more help, you can use stencils to create a neater look.

American Manicure Nail Ideas

American Manicure Coffin Nails

American manicure

One of the simplest ways to make your American manicure stand out is to wear coffin nails. The nails have tapered sides and a square tip (which makes them look like a coffin, hence their name). Because of the interesting shape of the nails and the attention to detail at the tips, it’s a great combo. It will look great on longer nails that will elongate your finger.

American Manicure Square Nails

French manicure

Square nails have a blunt side and a straight tip, making them one of the easiest shapes to create. It complements the traditional French manicure, where a horizontal white line is drawn at the tips. However, it can also be applied to an American manicure, making it a great option for a low-maintenance manicure. Square nails are perfect for nails of any length, including short ones.

Ombre American Manicure

Russian manicure

Ombre American is a great way to go if you don’t want to go straight from the light tip to the nude base. You’ll end up with less detail and a more harmonious look. It’s a great option for those who don’t have the confidence to work with white tips, which require a lot of concentration.

SNS American Manicure

American manicure

Signature Nail Systems (SNS) manicures are durable and durable, making them an attractive choice if you want your manicure to last up to three weeks. The main difference is that the SNS manicure is made with a powder formula; you dip your fingers in a powder colour, and then secure it with the bonding liquid.

Pink Base American Manicure

Russian manicure

The American manicure was originally done with white nails and a rose pink base coat. It’s very similar to the French manicure but the way it’s done is softer and easier to wear. This isn’t the most popular way to do nail art, as it’s usually done with nude or natural colours.

Pastel American Manicure

French manicure

You don’t have to stick to the tried-and-true white and nude look for the American manicure. There are plenty of ways to play around with the finish, including playing around with your favorite pastels for a sweet and feminine look. The beauty of pastels is that they’re incredibly flattering and will look great on any skin tone. They’re also a great way to add color to your manicure.

American Manicure Almond Nails

American manicure

If you’re a fan of the dramatic look of coffin nails but don’t think they’re strong or long-lasting enough for you, almond nails are a great alternative. They’re slender at the sides and have a rounded tip, making them look great whether you wear them long or short. It’s not the most durable or practical shape and can easily break, but it’s perfect for achieving a feminine look and will elongate your fingers.

American Manicure Round Nails

Russian manicure

Round nails are very attractive and defined by the round shape. It elongates the fingers and makes the nail beds look narrower (perfect if you want your fingers to look slim or longer). It’s strong and durable, and much less prone to catching on things. It’s a neat look that appeals to minimalist types.

American Gel Manicure

French manicure

Gel nails allow you to add flexibility to your manicure. You can choose between a soft gel or a hard gel, which is applied to your nail extensions.

A gel manicure is made using a specially formulated polish. The polish is then cured under an ultraviolet (UV) or LED (LED) lamp. This process hardens the polish, giving you a strong and long lasting finish.

Gel manicures last significantly longer than regular manicures.

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