What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship Is Like Nearly 2 Years Into Marriage

Eke Esther

Following the success of her new album, “This Is Me,” Jennifer Lopez has been spending time with her husband, Ben Affleck, and their family as she gears up for her upcoming tour. The two have been together for two years and are stronger than ever, and have been a great source of support for each other, a source tells Entertainment Tonight.

“Jen has not focused much on any outside criticism,” the source says. “She has always been open to criticism and understands that some people don’t understand her or her work. She knows that criticism will always be there because she’s an artist and some people don’t get her or her work.”

Ben is always there for Jen unconditionally and is always honest with her. They understand that it’s part of the job and they both understand that you can’t please everyone. They recognize what’s important, they support each other, and they support each other’s strengths and abilities.

In recent months, she has been spotted in LA and New York City, sometimes with one of her twins, Emme, aged 16. She also has a son, Max, from a previous relationship with Marc Anthony.

Ben is the father of Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12, from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner. The couple had been together for two years before splitting up.

Jen and Ben are very content and content with their lives, and their children are a source of pride and joy for them. “Ben and Jen are very supportive of each other and want the best for each other and their family,” the source said. “The kids love being part of a blended family and they all get along very well. They’re all very friendly and well-mannered.”

The source also revealed that Jen and Ben have been thinking about spending more time in NYC and possibly purchasing property there. “It’s just a question of making sure it’s perfect and something they want to invest in,” they said. “Jen is very much a New York girl and loves being close to where she grew up.”

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