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In my humble opinion, oversized cardigans are underappreciated. They are the perfect cardigan to wear in the fall and winter, keeping you warm and comfortable while looking stylish. However, you need to make sure it is the right size, shape, and not too oversized. 

Too often, I see women wearing big, loose-fitting sweaters that do not offer any shape to their bodies and look sloppy. Or they are wearing oversized pants and look frumpy instead of chic and polished. Don’t miss out on this winter staple. Make sure you get the right size, length, and knit/pattern that goes with your overall outfit.



Length is one of the most difficult things to decide on when it comes to an oversized cardigan, especially if you’re a petite woman like me. Usually, an oversized cardigan hits just below the hip, and can be up to mid-calf length. For shorter women, it’s best to keep it right around the knee, or above. For taller women, you can go from hip to calf length.

Length can also be determined by what you’re wearing with your cardigan. If you’re wearing pants, any length will look good. For skirts, you’ll want to keep it a few inches above or just below the hem of your skirt. Because dresses are made of one continuous piece of fabric (as opposed to blouses and skirts), your best bet will be a couple of inches above the hem of your dress, or at the hem if you’re wearing boots.


Oversized cardigan

When you hear the term “oversized,” it means something different for everyone. If you are looking for a cardigan, you don’t need to buy one a size bigger than you or borrow one from your friend. You should shop with your own size in mind. The shape of the cardigan itself shouldn’t cover you up. The sleeves should hit at your wrist or slightly cover your hand. Don’t wear your cardigans as mittens.

If you want to go big with your cardigans, you will need to pair them with a form-fitting garment. This could be a skinny or narrow pair of pants, a legging, a skirt, or a dress with tapered waists or a belt.


Cardigan outfit

Oversized cardigans don’t have to be made of bulky fabric. If you’re a petite size or plus size, opt for thinner cardigans. Drop shoulders, length, and slight oversized middle in these fabrics won’t overpower a small frame or bulk up a larger one. Plus, thinner oversized cardigans are more suitable for the office as they look more professional than bulky ones. You can even go one step further by adding a skinny belt to the cardigan to close it up and keep it chill!



While most oversized cardigans come in solid colors or in a marbled knit, there are plenty of other prints to choose from, such as stripes, Fair Isle stripes, argyle stripes, ombre stripes, and more. They’re a great way to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe, and they look great with solids like pants, tops, skirts and dresses.


Oversized cardigan

Here are a few classic pairings for oversized cardigans to give you some inspiration:

Classic Stripes with Oversized Cardigan

Combine denim with a long sleeve striped tee and accessorise with a knee length cardigan. This look is perfect for fall and pairs well with wedge black boots, black denim and a blue & gray striped tee and gray open front cardigan. It’s neutral, classic and effortless. You can easily pair blue denim with blue & white tee and red & green cardigans. Let your wardrobe and your imagination decide what colors you want to wear!

Plaid with Oversized Cardigan

Blue and grey go great together. This outfit features blue denim, a blue plaid shirt and a grey cardigan. Finish off the look with leopard print flats or go for a more laid-back look with white tennis shoes.

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