Rihanna Has Finally Emerged…Three Days After the Met Gala

Eke Esther

It’s one thing to hire John Galliano to make a corset that obscures your waist and makes you feel queasy, but as we learned this week, absence is perhaps the most shocking spectacle of all. 

That’s what we learned when Rihanna fell ill with the flu and didn’t make it to the Met Gala. It was a legitimate, if unexpected, absence for someone who’s spent the last few years delighting onlookers and journalists with an accumulation of late-night entrances.

The fact that the unofficial princess of the Met Gala was confined to bed for an event dedicated to sleeping beauties was a cruel and ironic turn of events. Especially for the wild card London-based designer, who was rumoured to have designed Rihanna’s Met Gala look in 2024.

At some point, though, every sleeping beauty wakes up from hibernation. And on Thursday night, Rihanna woke up from the sick bed at her Manhattan hotel, the Carlyle, three days after her Met Gala shoot at the Museum of Modern Art. She was wearing a hoodie, a bias cut skirt, and a giant Chanel clutch bag.

At this stage of her career, it’s pretty clear that Rihanna works in her time zone. She arrived at the Met Gala after the roaches, and she schedules her cover interviews for 3:26 in the morning. But consider this another example of how she probably doesn’t owe you anything.

This story first appeared on Vogue.co.uk

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