Ollie Gee – Onye Iwe Ft. Sparkle Tee

Eke Esther

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and entertainer Ollie Gee joined forces with musician and rapper Sparkle Tee to create the iconic song “Onye Iwe”. Released in 2001 as part of Ollie Gee’s album “Omalicha Nwa”, this collaborative effort has stood the test of time.

Spanning 6 minutes and 33 seconds, “Onye Iwe” is a masterclass in Afrobeat, showcasing Ollie Gee’s soulful vocals and Sparkle Tee’s impressive rap skills. The song’s infectious rhythm and memorable hooks have cemented its place as a beloved classic in Nigerian music.

Give it a listen and experience the magic of Nigerian music’s golden era!

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