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Monochromatic outfits are often worn on lazy days. All you have to do is put on some black pants, a turtleneck, a black leather bomber jacket, and some black boots and you’re ready to go.

It’s that simple, but black is also one of the simplest colours to start with. You may think monochromatic looks take less energy to put together, but they can be tricky to pull off, especially if you’re going for a bright colour or a light neutral. 

Monochromatic style requires a bit of trial and error, but it’s a simple and clean look that I love to wear when I have all the pieces to pull it off. If you do it right, it can be just as eye-catching as a printed dress or a statement jacket.

Let’s dive into what monochromatic is, what it looks like, what makes it so good, and how you can style it with existing pieces of your closet.


Monochromatic outfit

Monochromatic outfits can be divided into two parts: mono (one colour) and chromatic (one colour). Monochromatic outfits consist of one colour piece. This does not mean that you have to wear a solid black outfit or a solid red outfit from head to foot. 

The beauty of monochrome fashion is that you can wear different shades and colours of the same hue. For example, if you add blue paint and white to it, the blue colour will gradually become lighter, resulting in different shades of lighter blue. 

Similarly, if you add black to the blue colour, the black colour will gradually become darker, leading to different shades of darker colours. The best way to make a monochrome outfit is to use light tints as well as dark shades.

For example, you could wear a pair of charcoal grey wool pants, top them with a dove grey blouse, and top them off with a pair of dark grey slingbacks. Add some silver jewellery (which is a variation of grey), and you are ready to take the world by storm.

The beauty of a monochrome colour combo is that it will go with almost any colour you can think of. You can go for purple or red, or blue, or green, or brown, or pink.

There is no reason why you can’t go for a monochrome look because there are certain colors that will look amazing on your skin tone, your eyes, and your hair, and they will only look better when you wear multiple shades of the same colour in one outfit.

However, I would strongly advise against choosing monochrome colours that will clash with your skin tone or your hair colour, as this will only make the bad choice even worse. For example, if you are pale, you can wash out your face, and if you are tan, you will look very pasty.


What is a monochromatic outfit

Now that you know what monochromatic means and you want to create a monochrome outfit, where do you start?

The first step is probably the easiest. As I mentioned earlier, you want to choose a color that looks great on your skin tone and looks great on your hair. You don’t want to wear a color that won’t make you glow or dampen your mood.

Let’s start by going through your closet and pulling out all of your items that you want to wear in the color you’re going for. Make sure you have all of your pants, skirts, and dresses, as well as cardigans.

Once you have everything you need, start to mix and match your pieces to see what looks good together. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to come up with a few outfits that will become your go-to.

Finally, here are some style tips that you should keep in mind when creating a monochrome look.


How to wear a monochromatic outfit

Mixing textures within a monochrome outfit is key. You want to add some visual interest, depth and dimension to your outfit so it’s not monotonous or boring. In my first grey monochrome outfit, my gray skirt was the focal point.

The shiny texture took this gray outfit to the next level. In my second outfit, I paired a bulky sweater with a cable knit to balance out the sleekness of a turtleneck and a fedora. 

Some of the best texture combinations to pair with your monochrome outfit are denim & chiffon denim, leather & cotton, suede & silk, wool & sequins.

Don’t forget about your shoes or boots. They play a big role in adding texture to your outfit. Think about how your leather shoes, patent shoes, suede shoes, satin shoes, or sequined heels will work with the look you’re trying to create. I love these silver metallic heels.


When it comes to combining pieces, remember balance. This goes for all outfits, not just those with a single colour. You don’t want the same colour to overpower you.

On the contrary, it should make you look taller and leaner. Play with the proportions. For instance, if you’re wearing a voluminous top, pair it with loose fitting bottoms. If you’re wearing a full-length skirt, pair it with form-fitting tops.


Use the right colour to accentuate the correct areas of your body. When wearing the exact same colour in different hues and shades, pay attention to the dark or light of each piece.

For instance, if you have extremely wide hips, you wouldn’t want to wear light coloured pants or a light coloured skirt. A more flattering look would be to wear a dark colour on the lower half of your body and a lighter colour on top. For example, dark navy pants with a lighter blue shirt would look great.

You can also use a belt to emphasise your waist in monochrome colours. If your outfit is more flowy and needs to add structure or definition, a belt is a great way to do it. For example, I paired a belt with a large knit sweater and a sequin skirt with a band that acts like a pseudo belt.


It is important to choose a colour that compliments your skin colour and hair colour. For instance, if you have very fair skin and blonde hair, choose navy instead of a harsh black. If you have tanned skin but dark hair, choose a deeper colour such as eggplant or burgundy.

For those who are new to wearing monochrome outfits and don’t know what colour to start with, go for dark neutrals. Black, navy, grey, and brown are all great options.

If you want to be adventurous, you can try darker, richer monochrome colours like burgundy colour, eggplant colour, or hunter green colour. These colours are the best to play with, and you probably already have clothes in these neutral shades.


A monochromatic outfit doesn’t have to be limited to solid pieces. You can add patterns or prints to your outfit, but be aware that finding a pattern that fits your colour scheme will be a bit more challenging.

You can add a print to your monochrome outfit to add some visual interest and break up the monochromatic blocks of colour. You can add a patterned scarf or shawl to your outfit for a fun touch.


Monochromatic looks are perfect for petite ladies. Dressing in monochromes can make you look taller and thinner because a monochrome outfit creates a smooth line from head to foot. Try it out and see what it looks like!

Sometimes petite women shy away from trends that may be hard to wear, but I encourage you to go for it! Find the pieces that suit your figure and keep it classy!

Final Thoughts

I hope you have learned what monochrome means and how to use monochrome colors in your outfit. Don’t forget to check out the style advice from this post next time you’re putting together your look!

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