Coco Jones Set To Take The World By Storm

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Fresh off Coco Jones Grammy-winning platinum single “ICU,” the Tennessee native says she feels like she’s “climbed a mountain,” and “I just need to get to the top so I can jump with all my might.” And that’s exactly what she’s planning to do this year. The singer-songwriter, 26, R&B starlet, and former Disney starlet, Coco Jones, who is currently starring in Peacock’s Bel-Air, is set to drop the first single off her long-awaited debut album this May. It’s the lead single off the album, which is set to drop this summer.

While the sound will be recognizable to fans who were captivated by the classic R&B narrative of her most recent EP, 2022’s What I Didn’t Tell You, Coco Jones will be experimenting with new genres as well. “I don’t think I’ll ever really leave my comfort zone in R&B, but there are a lot of different elements I want to add to it,” she says. “I’ll always stick to the things that have gotten me this far. The external awards are just a reflection of my inner strength. I remember when I didn’t have any and I kept going anyway.”

What has been your most unbelievable moment in music?

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Nominated for five Grammys wasn’t something I expected to hear at this point in my career. It has been the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. And to win a Grammy feels surreal, too. But how did my mind respond to the five nominations? I thought, “I can’t.”

Do you see yourself and your career differently now?

It gave me a lot of self-assurance. When I first released my music, I didn’t know what people would think. To have that kind of support coming from me being so insecure, I can only imagine how much better I can be when I’m confident in myself and confident in my music and my creativity.

What’s your overall career goal?

I want the freedom to participate in whatever I want. If I don’t want to release an album for 5 years and want to open a Black women’s art gallery, that’s what I’ll do. And it’ll be respected, and it’ll be respected and taken seriously based on my name and my work. I can score a movie, launch a product line, develop an artist.

I want to have the freedom to do what I want.

Has your definition of success changed as you’ve gotten older and more famous?

Once upon a time, my definition of success was Beyoncé. Now, I can’t spend as much time thinking about what this woman, who I love so much, did. Sure, I can take her core values, her hard work, her authenticity, and re-create all of that. But it’s got to be Coco’s way. I’ve heard so many people say, “I want to be like her,” and just walk away. But I’m me, and I can’t be someone else. I need to find another way.

What would you love to explore musically?

I wanted to make some sonic changes and experiments on my debut album. I have a lot of different styles of music I love. I was a Disney girl so I was in love with all those pop bop songs. I was from the South so I was singing folk-country in the South with all these grown up artists and musicians and I had to hang out with them. I also have other parts of my life I want to honour. Of course I grew up in the church and gospel music taught me a lot about soul and how we can connect through music.

Have any female R&B artists served as mentors to you or given you advice?

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I love Ella Mai, she’s my girl. She’s my homegirl, she’s had the kind of success I’m working towards, so she’s giving me lots of tips. It’s also just a chance for us to support each other. Chloe x halle and I lift each other up every time we meet. We grew up in Disney, so we know what it’s like. That’s the beauty of it, we know what you’re doing, so let’s just keep going.

Do you have a dream collaboration?

Beyoncé would be my number one, but I love a lot of other artists as well. I’d love to do a duet with Ella Mai. I’m also a big fan of Brandy and Rihanna, and I would love to work with Alex Isley on a song. I’ve also been a big fan of Tate McRae and I think she’s the best.

Where do you display your Grammy?

Right now, it’s not anywhere because it needs to be engraved and shipped out. It’s on its way to my mom’s house. Once I’m married and settled down, that’s when I’ll say, “Mom, I want my awards back”.

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