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How do you pick the greatest handbag to purchase when there are so many different kinds available? We’ve reduced the options to just 5 types of handbags for women that go well with any type of attire—from dressy to casual—and every season.



A decent shoulder bag is a must for any lady. Shoulder bags usually come with a single, medium-length strap that is used for carrying. The embellishments of a shoulder bag may make it look either sophisticated or very casual. A leather boho bag will look great with everyday attire. A boho bag’s flowing, soft contours convey a carefree sense of style, and its leather construction distinguishes it from a standard satchel.


Handbags for women

A baguette bag is a more sophisticated take on a shoulder bag. Because of the extremely short shoulder strap on this bag, the body tucks neatly under your arm, much like a baguette. Like any handbag, this one is most enhanced by its finer elements, such as the quilted leather or the elegant decorations.



Cross-body bags have long been a mainstay of handbags. What lady doesn’t love how easy it is to carry one of these around—it’s casual, secure, and can be worn across the body? Your phone, keys, wallet, and any other necessities you always have on hand may all fit into a little crossbody bag. When you sling it over your body, you’re prepared to move.

The crossbody handbag is a variant of the crossbody purse that has a carry handle and a detachable strap. With just a few clicks, you can go from a carefree and breezy outfit to a polished and sophisticated one by removing the crossbody strap and carrying your bag by the carry handle.


Designer handbags

The handbags on our list that are the most casual are bucket bags. But careless does not equate to casual. The greatest bucket bags include a neat drawstring top closure, a circular, flat bottom with protecting feet, and an adjustable cross-body strap. A bucket bag adds a playful and flirtatious touch to any ensemble, whether you’re wearing jeans and boots or a sundress and sandals.


Handbags for women

All women should possess a leather tote bag; in fact, we could arguably say the same about all five categories of handbags. Possibly the most adaptable handbag out there, a chic tote can be used as a diaper bag, work bag, beach bag, everyday purse, or catch-all for doing errands. Purchase a premium-quality tote because you’ll be using it frequently.


Designer handbags

When you’re looking for a more modest touch to your ensemble that nonetheless has a big impact on style, clutches are a great choice. Although it doesn’t have to, a clutch may be elegant. For a coffee date in the afternoon or Sunday brunch, a leather day handbag is the ideal accessory. Rather spending the evening at the symphony? Choose a jeweled clutch case; if you’re feeling very elegant, refer to it as a “minaudiere.”

Final Thoughts

Whichever handbag style you choose, be sure to spend your money on sturdy, long-lasting items. Recall that the finest purses become more beautiful with wear. Make a wise choice and carry that purse with assurance.

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