2024 Fashion Trends: What To Look Out For

Eke Esther

A surge of upcoming fashion colour trends that are about to invade our wardrobes coincides with the arrival of a new season. Many intriguing color combinations with a contemporary twist may be found, ranging from inspiration from the ’90s and beyond to the runways of Prada and Saint Laurent. They’re sure to blow your mind. 

You’re in luck if you want to defy certain fashion conventions and play around with color theory. The top colour trends for 2024 are shown below.

Cherry Red and Maroon

Fashion trends

Cherry red has undoubtedly taken over this season, and we are smitten with every second of it. Because of its adaptability, you may combine it with a darker color like maroon to get an amazing effect. Even though it’s typically associated with romantic evenings or gatherings, using a deeper tone may help establish a cozier, more relaxed vibe. Try pairing a red dress with a maroon coat, or wear a similar top and skirt and finish the look with boots and a deep crimson belt. You can even pull it off in reverse by dressing in dark pants and sweaters and reserving all of your bright colors for accessories like a statement purse or a pair of slinky mules.

Maroon and Black

Fashion colour trends 2024

This color scheme, which ranges from a vivid shade of red to something a bit more enigmatic, is ideal for the cooler months. Fashionistas have been wearing this shade for a long time—it’s a favorite of designers like Versace, Gucci, and Saint Laurent—in the shape of clunky black boots, oversized jackets, and deep crimson stockings paired with black Mary Janes. Even while we advise sticking to a pure duochrome ensemble with these two hues, if you want to add another shade, go with a neutral like white or cream; this adds dimension instead of throwing everything off.

Shades Of Green

Colour trends

 Green hasn’t been seen in fashion circles in a while, but since the industry is cyclical and because of designers like Loewe, Ferragamo, and Fendi, it’s not surprising to see the gorgeous color making a comeback. During the winter months, tailoring and suits are the ideal ways to interpret this shade; yet, nothing says sleek like a figure-hugging dress worn with knee boots. To stretch your limbs and give the impression of a higher shape, we advise keeping the top and bottom halves of the same tone, although you may go crazy with your accessories. This hue goes nicely with silver and gold, so feel free to play around with jewelry and purses with hardware accents.

Beige and White

2024 fashion trends

Fashion enthusiasts continue to find great appeal in the understated beauty of neutrals, even as more people embrace maximalism. Combining white and beige is a cozy and inviting scheme that works well in both warm and chilly months. When the weather turns chilly, a beige sweater and light-colored pants make for an easy and carefree look. A lightweight linen dress and a tan trench coat make the ideal transitional ensemble. With this duochrome palette, you should limit your accessories to metallic and tone items to maintain the harmony.

Black and White

Fashion trends

An essential piece of clothing for every fashion enthusiast, the basic black and white look can be styled for any event all year long. A chic ensemble might consist of anything as basic as a ruffled white dress with black details or a simple pair of flared black pants and a white fitted jacket. It is timeless and adaptable. The outfit isn’t complete with only the clothes; using shoes and a transparent black tight set may easily transition your look from day to night.

Dark Red and Baby Blue

Fashion colour trends 2024

You could assume that red and blue, two fundamental hues, won’t go well together. But as this season’s fashionistas have demonstrated, it couldn’t be further from the reality. The streets of Paris and New York have been dominated by layers of delicate baby blue, worn as skirts, dresses, and blouses. However, splashes of dark and cherry red prints, floral patterns, and geometric designs are mixed in with the buttery pale color. While red stockings and purses are the most popular accessories, traditional favorites like gloves and shoes are still very much in demand.

Cobalt Blue And Black

Colour trends

Black and cobalt blue are a stunning color combination that is guaranteed to turn heads. We have seen this combination a lot this season. When wearing these hues, it’s crucial to keep the outfit’s purpose in mind. Avoid experimenting too much with multiple looks; instead, focus on one piece of blue clothing, such a dress or blouse, and keep the other components of your ensemble basic and uncomplicated. In this manner, you may focus all of your attention on the color splash while devoting the remaining energy to the shape.


2024 fashion trends

This season, blush pink has made a comeback, dominating the runways and fashion weeks from Prada to Tory Burch. This delicate and feminine tone is the best option as we approach the warmer months, whether it’s worn as a flowing chiffon dress or as a top and skirt with laser cutouts. Combine this with hues that are similar, such as cream, white, and baby pink. They don’t have to match precisely; a tonal style is more multifaceted and interesting, and if you’d rather not wear accessories, you may experiment with texture. Who could overlook the beauty of the coquette? If you want to dabble in the style, here is the ideal spot to start. Just remember to accessorize your hair with a few bows!

Silver And White 

Fashion trends

 When it comes to style, white and silver work together perfectly. This unpretentious metallic pop wonderfully balances a blank canvas in an easily modern way. Using a basic white T-shirt as your foundation, add a luminous skirt or pair of leggings to the bottom. Wearing a skirt with knee boots will draw attention to your long legs; just make sure the materials and colors match. If not, it could seem haphazard. A silver dress with a white jacket is another way to wear this combination, or vice versa. If you start with a single hue as your basis, the outer layer may create a multifaceted appearance that works for every occasion.

Toffee Brown Black

Fashion colour trends 2024

It’s simple to get into the habit of exclusively selecting darker colors throughout the cooler and transitional seasons. However, if you want to add some flair without going too far from your usual, we recommend pairing your black attire with a splash of toffee. Without seeming too summery, this light brown hue will draw attention to your best features and give you a little additional bounce in your step. Designers like Ferragamo embraced this trend on the catwalks, showcasing an abundance of leather jackets, skirts, and dresses. Select a black skirt or pants and a white blouse to go with a brown trench or leather coat. Going back to the 1990s, the perfect everyday outfit is a black turtleneck, leather jacket, and brown pants as the weather starts to.

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