10 Must-Have Fall 2024 Outfits

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You’re probably not thinking of anything slightly related to fall when it’s hot and muggy, the sun shines into the evening, and “out of office” means “by the pool.” 

Shops have begun advertising their back-to-school merchandise and sales, and as early as August, some of our favourite coffee shops provide pumpkin-spiced lattes.

We understand if this is all too soon for you. However, if you enjoy cool weather as much as I do, now is the perfect time to start coming up with fall wardrobe ideas that you can save for the next cooler days. For anyone in need of some (early) inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best fall outfits we want to wear in the next season.

10 Fall Outfits For 2024

Back-to-School-Inspired Outfit

Fall outfits

It doesn’t matter if you’re returning to education in any capacity this autumn. For us, fall will always be connected to classrooms, binders, #2 pencils, and the refined taste of academia. Every personal style may find an adult back-to-school outfit that fits, whether it’s light or dark academic. However, we really adore this contemporary interpretation of the schoolgirl uniform, which replaces the conventional white dress shirt with a blue button-down and a leather minidress in place of a gingham jumper..

Comfy Outfit for Errands

Fall outfits 2024

Do you need to rush to the grocery store? You may arrive in comfort and flair with this outfit. A maxi bodycon dress with your go-to sweater on top—what could be simpler? We all know that sneakers mix well with dresses because of Sandra Bullock’s 1998 style, so throw away your heels and enjoy the contrast between fitting and roomy clothing.


Fall outfit ideas

An ensemble may be toughened up with leather leggings, coats, boots, purses, and accessories. Use a leather item (or two) to give some texture and dimension whether you’re heading out in a cute sweater dress or an oversized flannel.

Statement Coat

Fall outfit

As the name suggests, coat outfits are simply fall outfits that highlight your outerwear. Here, the focal point is a striking coat, such as a duster or quilted design. The nice thing about these outfits is that you don’t have to style your entire outfit because you may put basic items beneath.

A Jersey 

Fall outfit ideas

Sports activities abound throughout the fall, including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, to mention a few. If you were asked to attend (or just eat chicken fingers at) a game, it might be entertaining to look the part even if you’re not a huge sports enthusiast. Additionally, don’t restrict yourself to the worn-out jeans and jersey mix; in case you need ideas, there is no shortage of jersey outfit inspiration online.

A Sweater Dress

Fall outfit

A sweater dress is a must-have for any fall outfits. Certain seasonal events, such as bonfires and harvest celebrations, require an informal yet elegant look. A sweater dress is the ideal one-piece outfit that can be dressed up or down and provides warm protection from the cold weather.

Layers for Unpredictable Weather

Fall outfits 2024

Navigating the first few weeks of fall may be challenging since the weather changes along with the seasons. Layers ease the transition within the same day on days when the forecast calls for cold morning temperatures but pleasant afternoon temperatures.


Fall outfit ideas

Fortunately, it shouldn’t be necessary to give up warmth for elegance or vice versa. Layers are usually a good idea, but you should also try different bottom pairings and keep an eye out for heavier sweaters with useful button features. For instance, consider wearing leather leggings or a mini- or midi-skirt with tights if you’re wearing a bulky turtleneck.

A Flannel 

Fall outfit

Flannel seems to be the unofficial costume worn when gathering apples and pumpkins. Choose your best choice and get ready for all the photo opportunities—there will be plenty of them. Although jeans are the traditional choice, we prefer an unexpected flash of color, of course, along with useful shoes.

Quiet Luxury

Fall outfits

Although the autumnal motif is warm and inviting, when you see “Quiet Luxury,” you most likely picture something sophisticated, elegant, and Succession-related. 

Final Thoughts

Choose athleisure clothing with buttery fabrics in neutral hues and earth tones for autumn to get the look. You must have a spotless pair of white shoes. Bonus points if you can wear ballet-inspired accessories, such as knit arm warmers and turtleneck bodysuits.

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