10 First Date Outfits to Make Your Date Unforgettable

Eke Esther

Getting ready for a first date can be as stressful as it is exciting. You have to make a great first impression, and choosing the perfect first date outfits is the first step. 

But what if you’re standing in front of your closet with a cold sweat thinking, “I don’t have anything to wear!” Well, don’t worry, figuring out what to wear is part of the fun! We’ve put together a list of what you should wear on your first date so you don’t have to stress about it.

10 First Date Outfit For You To Choose 

A Tuxedo

First date outfits

You can’t go wrong with jeans on jeans, especially when you consider that all things ‘90s are back in style. But whether you’re going for a monochrome look or mixing and matching shades, it’s always a good idea to add some subtle color to your accessories and shoes so your date doesn’t just stare at your jeans.

A Bit of Athleisure

First date outfit ideas

The athleisure wardrobe straddles the line between athleisure and athleisure-ready pieces. You can wear jeans and a windbreaker over a sweatshirt, or pair a sweatshirt with a pair of sneakers and a pair of maxi skirts. It’s laid-back and when you’re relaxed, you’re more likely to have a better time with your date. However, we’d recommend this option for a more intimate setting, such as a brewery or a ball game.

A Denim Skirt

Casual first date outfit

Denim skirts are timeless, but they are trending right now. You can choose a classic style or go for a statement piece like this one, and pick your top accordingly.

A Midi Skirt

Outfit for first date

Midi skirts are typically more modest than mini skirts, but they still allow you to show a bit of leg. When paired with a t-shirt, it’s cute and comfy; you can dress it up or down depending on your shoe and jewelry choices.

A Tank Top and Jeans

First date outfit to choose

When you’re stuck for ideas on what to wear, there’s no better way to go than with your go-to pair of jeans. Whether you’re heading out on a date or just hanging around the house, you’ll always have a pair of jeans to fall back on. Especially if the date isn’t a formal one. 

We’re partial to the classic dark wash jean paired with a plain white tank, but you could also go for a lighter wash jean and sleeveless vest for a top. The possibilities are endless, so we’re sure you’ll have something in your closet that’ll work for you.

Your Team’s Jersey

First date outfit

Sooner or later, they’ll find out where your loyalties lie, won’t they? So if you find yourself at a local sports bar or a local pub for a quick bite to eat, you’ll want to show your support for your team.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to style a jersey, beyond the standard skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers combo. For example, you can switch out your jeans for trousers and pair the top with an open-topped tank underneath. 

A Simple Dress

Casual first date outfit

A one-and-done outfit eliminates the guesswork of putting together the perfect outfit for your first date. A dress is always a winner because it’s so versatile. Shorts, slips, and t-shirt dresses are easy to style up or down. They’re great for layering, for statement outerwear (like bomber jackets or blazers) and for all-over footwear (think sandals in summer and knee high boots in winter).

A Jumpsuit

First date outfit to choose

Another way to lighten the load on your first date wardrobe is with the jumpsuit. Choose from long-sleeve, short-sleeve, cami straps or even an all over, in whatever you like (or the season).

A Statement Top

First date outfit ideas

Casual bottoms are the perfect starting point for a statement-making top. Attention to detail is key here, so keep an eye out for bright embroidery, metal sequins, fringe and/or beadwork. With Bridgerton back in town, regency core will be back in style, so anything with a peasant or puff sleeve is a go.

A Little Black Dress

First date outfit

Is that a bit of a cliche? Maybe. But classic? Always. Put on your favorite dress, heels, and go for a bold red lipstick. You’ll feel like a million bucks by the end of the night, even if the date doesn’t go as planned.

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