10 Creative Ideas for Wearing Over the Knee Boots

Eke Esther

Over the knee boots are Beyoncé of all boot styles. Bold, eye-catching, and attention-grabbing, they command your attention every time you step out in them. Pair them with your most basic gray hoodie, and you’re a street-style star. Pair them with a killer mini dress, and at least one person will have to avert their eyes or be dazzled by your fashion genius. They are, in short, iconic.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to rock over the knee boots for women that will make your search for the perfect pair worth it.

In Lieu of Pants

Gigi hadid in over-the-knee boots

What makes over-the-knee boots so difficult to shop for is the very thing that makes them stand out from the crowd: the fit. Over-the-knee boots are fun pants! With all that coverage, the perfect pair can work as pants when paired with a tunic length top, blazer or jacket.

With Paperbag Shorts

Over the knee boots

Paperbag shorts and light cardigans are perfect for summer and look great with over the knee boots, especially if you have a print or pattern that stands out.

With a Floral Mini Dress

Over the knee boot

Add a touch of glamour to an already sweet floral mini dress by styling it with vampyred over the knee boots for women. There is no one style that works best with thigh-high boots, but we love the contrast between floral print and glossy vinyl.

As a Pop of Color

Over the knee boots for women

While we’re not saying you should splurge on Barbiecore boots, we’re saying that a pair of women’s over the knee boots in bright yellow, blue, and bubblegum pink will instantly transform even your simplest skirts and dresses.

With a Tunic

Women's over the knee boots

This ‘fit is both comfy and stylish, and can be as loose or loose-fitting as you want. A long vintage graphic tee you’ve been wearing as a sleep shirt for years works as well as a sexy lace tunic dress like Heidi Klum.

With an Oversized Hoodie

Ariana Grande in oversized hoodie and over the knee boots

Another super comfy over the knee boot style, this ‘fit has a bit of a street style vibe that calls for some fancy accessories. Whether it’s a high-end statement bag or a tattoo artist-inspired design and embellishment, don’t be afraid to go all out.

Instead of Stockings

Women's over the knee boots

Elevate your footwear with sheer mesh, over the knee boots. For a high impact look, ditch your thigh high stockings or high waisted tights. When it comes to accessories, choose textures that accentuate the shine of your boots.

Show Off Some Leg

A lady showing off some legs in boots

Thigh-slit dresses were originally designed to be paired with knee-length boots. Even the simplest of silhouettes, such as a classic shirt dress, gets an extra-flattering boost when paired with a thigh-skimming pair of boots.

With a Slip Dress

boots with slip dress

Elevate your off-duty style with a slip dress that’s inspired by lingerie. Pair it with women’s over the knee boots for a super-flattering look. We’ve all heard about this super-flattering slip dress style from celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, and the truth is, it looks amazing.

With Preppy Separates

boot with preppy separates

There’s no denying that the preppy look is all the rage this year. And even if you didn’t go to a fancy prep school like Gossip Girl, you’re still able to accessorize with preppy separates and over the knee boots.

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